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  • Mohitomia | 07-08-2004 | Valoració: 10

    I cannot belive what i see, Blaster! Anyway, I really want to read a version in english, if possible, i cannot understand very well the words, and I want to!
    Anyway, thank you very, very much for this chance of reading such a poem! Thank you!

  • Mohitomia | 12-05-2004 | Valoració: 10

    I think your poem is very good. I like very much the way you exprim your dark views about the future, I think they are very expressive.
    Anyway, I was thinking you are a litlle bit like Nostradamus, or at least you try, but as you know, his 'profecies' have a happy end. What about yours? Everything is going to be just dark and fear and pain?

    Signed: Mohitomia

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