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  • keera1508 | 18-10-2020 | Valoració: 10

    If you’re feeling stuck, one easy and effective way to capitalize on wit is to comb your characters (rather than your plot) for possibilities. For instance, you might decide to give a character a blind spot. Imagine that snake-belt guy shows up for a first date and the woman slowly picks up her purse and leaves the coffee shop without so much as a word. The underlying wit is that until that moment, it had never even dawned on him to consider leaving the snake at home. progressive office furniture

  • keera1508 | 02-10-2020 | Valoració: 5

    Look at any newspaper and notice the short paragraphs.

    That’s done to make reading easier, because our brains take in information better when it’s broken into small chunks.tree removal newcastle

    In academic writing, each paragraph develops one idea and often includes many sentences. But in casual, everyday writing, the style is less formal and paragraphs may be as short as a single sentence or even a single word.

  • keera1508 | 21-09-2020 | Valoració: 10

    Love the plot of the story, same as my floor sanding gold coast story I did during my childhood days in Australia, such memories that's embedded in my thoughts.

  • keera1508 | 18-09-2020 | Valoració: 6

    The amount of information provided is such an important matter, this site conducts information drive that can be brought anywhere else, vesi approved contractors uses this information for their projects.

  • keera1508 | 09-09-2020 | Valoració: 10

    I remember the days when I was just 12 yo kid, living off the grid, the story is almost similar to mine, and it was very memorable to me. roofing athens ga

  • keera1508 | 09-09-2020

    this is a truly classical story, I was inspired and perhaps will submit a similar story very soon.tree lopping newcastle

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